How are apps doing out there ?

My blog entries are very slow and that is mainly because I don’t know how to share, what to share, when to share. This could be also because how to write ?

Its now more than of 6 months since my first app on the iTunes was launched. It was Jain Darshan and I was thinking that it will do good but I wasn’t expecting that as a hit for me. Since 13th December 2010 (Date when, Jain Darshan went online on app store) I hardly remember a day when I didn’t kept track of app downloads. Reading app download count, looking at country statistics became my habit in last 6 months. Although I am not earning a decent money (blah !! not earning a single penny) from this free apps, it was interesting to see how many customers I am getting ? I was expecting to hit at least 1000 downloads in a year time frame and I must say that either,

  • I was underestimating iPhone/iPad/iPod touch eco system for apps. OR
  • I was having less faith in my products OR
  • I was completely off with my targets.

After looking at 6 months app download counts, I can say eco system for iPhone apps is having very large pool of users. Although app is targeting very tiny subset of people (its religious music and not everyone is interested out there) , it  is getting decent amount of hits. Free app approach is very easy to deploy and very effective to reach target audience. Good review is also helpful and definitely build reputation of your product. Infect good reviews are very crucial factor or driving force for any product to achieve success.

In this post, I want to roll out certain statistics for  app download counts in last 6 months and some very interesting statistics. Can you believe that,

  • Apps got almost 5000+ downloads in total(including JainDarshan and Bhagavad Gita-Live) since December 2010 to July 2011.
  • Highest number of users are located in India.
  • Countries like Kuwait, Iraq, Pakistan, UAE, Singapore, Korea, Japan, Romania were also giving lots of hits and downloads. I believe those are mainly because of certain app suggestion sites popular in those areas.
  • Almost all reviews (around 37) across globe earned 5 star, only one review is having 4 star. Also this 4 star is not because of bad quality but its because of a complaint for missing music. [BTW, I am working on it and that will be out very soon.]
  • I haven’t received a single crash log for either of these two products. These products are working seamlessly across all iOS.
  • There is not a single day in last 6 months where I have received 0 hit in a day. Infect, only one day out of last 180 days was having hit count in one digit.
  • Updates are also appreciated by users and there is no reverse trend for app reviews.
  • This tremendous success is achieved without even using any social media from my end. There is no promotion of content in any third party sites. [However, I am pushing one update to promote apps in social networks now]

At last, here are some interesting screen shots for app statistics.