Eclipse ADT Plugin and Android app development

I was using Android ADT Plug-in for android app development since last 6 months. It was a very frustrating experience for me when I was having trouble with just drag and drop functionality of a simple button in GUI designing. This was really blocking and I was down nervous about Android app creation. I was really progressing with iPhone app development but because of this bad tool, I was just not catching up in Android app developments.

I started looking at some other tools available on the web and then found ‘App Inventor’. Cool !! Really cool !!! Seriously, this is damn good tool for GUI designing. but then I started realizing that, its not a wise choice for advance programmers. Most of beginners will find themselves in love with this tool but its not offering any advance development options. What should I do with half cooked Android code with Eclipse. I don’t know how to import that or make compatible that with App Inventor. Also running that tool in browser pissed me off. Why Google is thinking everything and only thing about Internet browsers. I was again back to square one.

I was then looking for other tools, but no luck. Finally I thought about to update AVD Plug-in. And that was a boomer…. ADT, I was using was way old and I think, I disabled auto check feature in Eclipse and thus never realized that I was alone in the world using stone-age ADT and scolding android community. It was not the case. I installed ADT-11 in my Mac and that was a super fluid ride then afterwards. It was GUI rendering capability, I was complaint about in past and guess what that is first awesome thing I find is a good feature in this new version.

So, I am back on track now and focusing on Android versions of these products. Lets roll then ….