Delete annoying comments from blogs.

I am managing this blog with very ease, but most annoying thing in this management is lot of spam and trash comments. Ever since I enable comments for my blog, its’ been a headache for me to get rid of these junk comments. I found out 16000+ comments get accumulated since last 3 months in my blog. I finally decided to get rid of this menace. It was not only number of comments, which is a problem but it also occupies 85% of database disk space. If you are facing similar difficulty, here is a solution.
There is no way admin will rely on admin panel for this because Admin panel is of very few options. You need to delete them directly from the blog database. Here are the few tips to get rid of these comments from any blog management.

• Login into your database administration to modify your blog database tables.
• Identify comments table.
• Identify which are ‘Spam’ comments and which are already approved comments. You can include one test comment on your own and mark it as approved from admin panel. During this process you can monitor that comment status from database and identify data pattern for valid/invalid comments.
• Finally, delete all comments, which are spam and of no use.
Cheers !!!